AUDECOM® - The smart solution for Hearing aid comparison

Providing clients with new hearing aids often proves to be a rather time consuming process - often accompanied by misunderstandings and even a certain degree of scepticism or distrust. Certainly you have experienced situations such as these in your professional career more than once:

  • Clients often are not overly keen to receive hearing aids. "Glasses make you seem smart, hearing aids just make you old." It's a product many people simply don't want.
  • Acousticians often struggle immensely to communicate and actually show clients feature and quality differences in Hearing aids in a perceivable and convincing way. Advertising prime features of high quality systems often is considered to be too commercial and undesired.
  • The classic ways of trying out different hearing aids often overwhelms clients. More often then not customers have too great of a hearing loss or are too hearing deprived to actually notice essential differences between systems, primarily focussing on the increased noise that comes along with hearing aid amplifications. This is creating a lot of risk factors for the process of providing new Hearing aids.
  • How many clients actually worry that buying a high quality and high priced set of hearing aids is more in the interest of the acousticians than their own? How much would it help if even hearing deprived clients would immediately be able to notice key differences i.e. in noise reduction or directional hearing?

Honestly - how often did you nod at least in your mind when reading the above examples?

The solution:

The AUDECOM® offers a solution to you. Using the AUDECOM® you can demonstrate hearing aids and the differences in comfort levels to your clients in a truly inspiring and convincing way, making your everyday's work more satisfying and successful - for you AND your clients:

  • A smart software based client dialog guides you through the early stage of client communication, effectively allowing your clients to decide on their own just which class of hearing aids with what level of comfort is what they are looking for.
  • For all key manufacturers with different scopes of hearing aids you can review information on the devices in the AUDECOM®software. Your client can easily review such differences for his now to follow hearing experience.
  • In an idealized setting in which even hearing deprived customers can well perceive quality differences the client receives audio files from 5 surrounding speakers. The client toggles between the different pairs and decides on his own which product category is ideal for him.
  • Independent of the acoustician he can himself determine which set of hearing aids sounds and works best for him - and grasp that while perception is essential, Features as in noise reduction, targeted directional Hearing and much more are just as important to quality in hearing - auality in life.
  • Important: Typically the client – AND NOT THE ACOUSTICIAN – toggles between the different Hearing aids in a matter of milliseconds... essentially being able to determine the optimal personal solution.
  • Sound files are pre selected and allow to ideally demonstrate product differences in noise reduction, speech production, music production or spatial hearing - to make a sound decision for the next years to come.
  • Based on this unique experience, acoustician and client together decide - for the most part in the first session - which of the systems that are being compared works best for the client. From here on the settings for the hearing aids can be individualized for a unique and satisfying hearing impression in the years to come.
AUDECOM product brochure
The Audecom comes as a full stand alone solution. Read more now...
S175-GB-AUDECOM-Tablet.pdf (649.93KB)
AUDECOM product brochure
The Audecom comes as a full stand alone solution. Read more now...
S175-GB-AUDECOM-Tablet.pdf (649.93KB)