Orthofix - build your inner spelling memory

If you are good at spelling - you likely have the ability to visualize the exact image of the word you wish to spell. If you are not quite certain how to spell a spefici word, you write down both version and immediately "see", which of the two alternatives just "looks better". And when you need to spell a work, typically with sufficiently challenging words your eyes will move upwards, enabling you to "see" the word structure in fron of your eyes. This particular key skill the can be further strengthened and improved using Orthofixl.

Orthofix comes with more than 10,000 words per language, aside from English it is currently also available in German - other languages are in the making. Typically just 10 words per day are being trained - leading to 50 words per week and up to 2,000 words per year that can be securely stored in the brain's visual memory - an essentatial foundation for profound spelling skills. The following video provides a basic overview of the program's key features and advantages:

Unser Fit-für-die-Schule-Programm

How do you best support your child to succeed in school? Our computer program Orthofix allows to significantly improve spelling skills by establishing solid visual memory of words; the unique Brain-Boy allows to train and improve key brain functions for improved perception and auditory processing. With the combination of these two powerful training tools you can launch the fit-for-school program directly at home - helping your child to train both playfully and in a very determined way. 

Please find additional information in the following video:

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